Goals and Challenges

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Despite all my good intentions, my blogging has been pretty much non-existent. My daughter, Amanda, has challenged me to a blog challenge. We’re each going to try to do a post a week from now through Christmas. If any of you want to join in, feel free! If we manage this goal, we may up the ante after the New Year. I know that setting goals works. My walking buddy and I have moved from one very slow walk a week to a minimum of three hilly walks a week, all by setting goals. I’ve moved forward in my jewelry work by setting goals, too. One of my goals for this blog is to publish some tutorials–but first I need to just write regularly!

One goal that I just achieved is getting my work in a gallery. I just set up my display in Gallery Saratoga last night, and I’ll be one of the December Featured Artists there. Woo-hoo! Stay tuned for the dates for my Artist Reception. You’re all invited!

This weekend I took three days of soldering and fusing with metalworking teacher extraordinaire, Joe Silvera. I’m setting a goal to practice my soldering regularly until I am as comfortable with it as I am with metal clay. I’ve also recently received my certification in New Mokume Gane, and I will be developing some classes in that technique.

And, the best change of all is my new studio in Gilroy. Glenn and I moved here in May, and I’m thrilled with my new space. I can have up to 10 people at a time around my gorgeous table that Glenn built me, and I have a spot for soldering, finishing and an office corner, too. My goal here is to get it set up in the most efficient way, and to keep it that way! So far I’m having trouble with that, as I still have too much stuff. (The photo at right is from our inaugural workshop with Lisa Barth.)

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  1. Chelsi

    I am so in love with your blog:) After I have surfed through your old blog-posts, I found it really interesting to see your own transformation through the time. You are incredible talented and have extremely good taste of style and of course Aestetics:)I am very curious to learn more about you:) Looking forward to see update in menu &qu;otAbout".Have a great time!Hugs from Denmark

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